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Where can I buy Joe and His Killer Robot Dad?

A list of all retailers is can be found here.

Is the comic available outside of the UK?

Please check with the retailers on the where to buy page.

Can I download digital copies?

Unfortunately at this time the comic is not available as a digital download. However once more issues have been published this will change.

Why not have the comic book fully illustrated by Mick McMahon?

The creative process used for the comic has been developed to make it easier to adapt to other media, such as animation, memes, mini stories and promotion. Mick's concepts, narrative layouts and other 'art and stuff' are an essential element to this way of working.

How many issues will there be of the comic?

We plan to release an initial run of four issues, which will introduce readers to Joe, Dad and the world they live in. After this further comics will be published as longer, one off, self contained stories.

When will the next issue by available?

Excellent question! Truth be told, due to the way the comic has been created the first issue required a large degree of R&D to refine the process. Hopefully now that this has been finalised (for the most part), further issues will be produced with greater regularity.

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